Top areas to stay in Mumbai

Mumbai is a vast city made up of group of 7 islands. It becomes difficult for outsiders to select a neighborhood which suits them. Again opinion of different people adds up in creating more confusion.   In this blog we are going to tell you about top areas to stay: Powai Also known as startup […]

Upcoming High Rises in Mumbai

In today’s world high rises are imperative. Population in cities have grown to such an extent that the only way to fulfill all the housing requirements is to grow vertically. More and more developers are focusing on developing high rises that defies the human imagination.   In this blog we are going to take you […]

5 Behavioral Patterns That Are Hurting Your Real Estate Investing Career

Real Estate Investing Career: Let’s start this off with a quick question. How differently do real estate investors make decisions, when compared to normal people? Now, if your answer was anything other than ‘not very differently’, you would be mistaken. Yes, of course real estate investors are in a different line of work than other […]