5 Easy and Inexpensive Fixes You Can Make To Your House


Sometimes, we all get so busy with living that we forget to take care of our houses. Over times, dust, wear and tear, leaky faucets and other things have a way of sneaking up on you. If you wait till a bunch of things around your house stop working at once, you might have too much on your plate.

Instead, you can adopt the habit of taking care of your space regularly. If something doesn’t work, fix it. Most times, fixes are inexpensive if you catch the problem early. Let us take a look at some of the improvements you can make around your house easily.

1. Cleaning and dusting

Dust. Oh, pesky dust. It piles up behind your furniture, sneaks in under your carpets and even reaches the remotest corners of your house. Once in a while, you should undertake a thorough cleaning of your house. Look behind every corner and every piece of furniture you own. Clean the blades of your ceiling fans. Scrub your desks and chairs. Get a mop and go for it.

2. Clean your appliances and utensils.

If your new wine glasses or coffee mugs have been sitting on the shelves for a while, make sure you clean them up before you serve something in them. Your refrigerator is another place where spills and leaks can create a mess. Mixers, cooking pans. You name it. Pick a day and scrub them all clean.

3. Throw away what isn’t required.

Sometimes, bills, receipts, old movie tickets, empty strips of medicine and other assorted items can pile up around your room, making it look like a hoarder’s nest. Don’t let this happen. If your desk or storage cabinet has some things you don’t need, get rid of them.

4. Lube the hinges.

You might have gotten used to the way your bathroom door creaks when you enter it, groggy-eyed, at 6 AM. But that doesn’t mean you should let it remain that way. On your designated cleaning day, get some lubricant and oil the hinges of all of the doors and windows in your house.

5. Stock up on essentials.

Look into your medicine cabinet. Are any of the contents past their expiry date? If yes, get rid of them and add them to your restocking list. This goes for batteries, inverter fluid, and essential groceries as well. If one or all of those items are close to depletion, make a quick run to the store and perform a refill.

The benefits of leaving in a clean, uncluttered space are manifold. You might not think that clearing out the mess that is on your desk will make a big difference, but it will. When you enter your home and every corner looks spic and span, you’ll experience a larger sense of satisfaction and well-being.