5 Signs You Need To Get Rid Of Your Real Estate Agent


Real estate agents are a boon for the uninformed among us who are just wading into the waters of buying and selling properties. Even for those of you who’ve been doing it for a while, having an agent is great for finding new opportunities. But, like any other field of business, you might be unlucky and end up with a bad agent. If you aren’t achieving the goals you set for yourself in the real estate industry, you might need to look for another agent. Let us look at when you should think about firing your real estate agent.

1. They’re being unethical or conniving.

Some agents send multiple buyers to the same properties in the hope of launching a bidding war amongst them. If your agent is making their clients work against each other, you need to get rid of them. Some agents aren’t forthcoming about certain aspects of the transaction that you need to know about because they want to earn more profit or close the sale quickly. If you feel something’s wrong, it’s better to get rid of your agent immediately and prevent bigger problems in the long run.

2. They aren’t familiar with the locality.

To ensure that you get the best deal, your agent must know the workings of the local real estate market intricately. This means that they should know about selling prices, buyer/seller profiles and other potential properties. When you’re dealing with someone who doesn’t seem to be confident about the local market, you should look for a different agent.

3. They don’t listen to what you have to say.

When you’re looking for a home, your agent’s job is to hear your requirements and find you something that is a good fit. A lot of buyers complain that their agents show them the first house that is on the market without considering whether or not it meets their requirements. Some people might require a certain proximity to schools or railway stations. If your agent frequently shows you properties that flat out disagree with your personal needs, drop them.

4. They aren’t easily reachable.

Some agents are notoriously difficult to get in touch with. If your calls/messages/emails are going unanswered for extended periods of time, you should start looking for someone who will actually be available when you want to talk to them.

5. They are bad salesmen or display unprofessionalism.

Not every agent needs to be a smooth-talking, suit-wearing, Don-Draperesque person, but you should hold them to a certain standard. If you see a lot of your deals or offers falling through, your agent’s incompetence to close a sale might be the reason. In addition, if you find they are lazy or make frequent errors in their communications with you, it isn’t a good sign. When you’re dealing with a major transaction like buying/selling a property, you can’t pin your hopes on someone who isn’t up to the mark.

If you’ve been running around in circles for months trying to buy or sell your property, you should part ways with your agent. It’s a tough market, and you don’t have the time to wait around forever hoping that things will work out. A good real estate agent should reduce your worries, not add to them.

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