How to Avoid Housing Rental Fraud?


Tenant Caution

Most of the listing sites on the internet are not genuine and they may make your efforts for searching a house very tedious, wasting your time and resources. Not all listing sites on the Internet are what they appear to be. Some have are imposters who plan to take advantage of you, making your efforts to search for an apartment into a heist wasting your time and resources. A genuine listing company ensures that clients’ needs are looked into and with this both the clients are prevented from exploitation and straining of resources in the company. Here are a few tips that help in ensuring that one does not become a victim.

Make a wise choice of the apartment search site

One is recommended to search for apartments from reputable sites. There are new search sites that tend to show up so one is advised to go for the reputable ones. With this one is assured of legitimate information about an apartment or other information since it is verified before being uploaded on to the site.

You should personally visit the apartment

An official representative of the company should be available during business hours and should be able to take a prospectus tenant to the apartment before renting the apartment. Tenants are advised not to make decisions regarding renting based on talking to someone via email or a phone call. It is easy to have a fake email but it is hard to access a renting apartment. One can use emails or phone calls to set up an appointment but he should ensure he pays a visit to the apartment before making any commitment.

Use traditional payment methods

Almost all listing companies or managing agents are willing to accept money, cheques or money orders or other modes of payment in person as deposits before commencing tenancy and with this you are assured of meeting the person when signing the lease agreement and one should meet the person collecting the money and lease signing process. Tenants are advised not to give money to a third party. Nontraditional payments like wiring of money or emailing of cheques should be avoided.

Trust your instincts

Prospectus tenants are advised to trust their instincts, to pay attention to hunch and common sense. If a proposal sounds clean and genuine, it is most probably good. It you have doubts about anything; you can call the listed number asking to talk to the company manager. You should verify that the person you are talking to is working for the company listing the apartment. In this case, you are not supposed to disclose any personal information that identifies you to anyone that you have not verified as a company’s legitimate representative

Take Opinion

Tenants can always take second opinion from friends or cousins staying in nearby locality where he wants to rent out the apartment. If possible communicate with neighbors that can help us to find in depth details of the property. Doing some homework at our end can help us from the rental fraud or being cheated by agents or from classified website.

What you can do if you are scammed…

Once you find out that you are a prey of rental fraud or scam, you are advised to file police complaint. While filling a complaint, please consult your lawyer and try to provide detail insight and information on the rental deal which can help to solve the complaint