How To Ensure Your House Comes Through an Inspection With Flying Colors

Inspection List

If your house has been on the market for a while and has finally received an offer, it’s an exciting time. Once your house passes the inspection, the sale is almost done. So, what do home inspectors look for in a property? What do they like, and, more importantly, what do they dislike?
Knowing the finer points of home inspection could make the difference between closing a sale and losing it. Let us take a look at a few things you can fix around your home so that you get the price you are looking for.

1. Make sure it’s easy to reach the important areas.

Your air conditioning unit, plumbing, and the underside of your sink, your storage space and other areas in the house should be easily accessible. It shouldn’t be tough for the person who’s going to stay here next to fix problems or reach the attic. Make sure you get rid of any extra items or clutter that blocks these areas.

2. Fix the clogs and leaks.

Nobody likes to see leaky plumbing. And if there’s one thing worse than leaky plumbing, it’s plumbing that is clogged. If you’ve not been staying the property being inspected for a while, your drainage and sinks might have gotten clogged up. Before the inspector visits your property, make sure they’re working as they should be. If you’re having trouble doing it yourself, hire a plumber.

3. Make sure all your lights are working as they should.

If the first thing the inspector sees when they walk into your living room is a tube light that flutters and groans like a horror movie set, they won’t be pleased. Make sure all of the important light fixtures in your house are up to scratch. If they aren’t, fix them or get new ones.

4. Clean your screen doors, exhausts and air conditioning vents.

All of these areas are extremely likely to accumulate grime and dust particles if they are left unattended. Make sure your home looks like it has a decent ventilation system and is regularly attended to.

5. Exterminate any pests or rodents.

It’s not exactly the prettiest sight to see a huge line of ants scurrying through the middle of your living room floor. Before your home is inspected, hire a professional and clear it of all rodents, insects or pests.

6. Fix any glaringly visible cracks.

Sometimes, leaky ceilings and improper paint jobs can lead to ugly-looking cracks in the walls. If there’s a structural problem, contact a professional to get it looked it. If it’s a failing paint job, fix it.

7. Take a good look at your garden, if you have one.

Even if you’re living in an apartment complex, you might have a line of potted plants in your balcony. Now, before you invite the inspector in, make sure that your little gardening project doesn’t look like it’s been through the apocalypse. If you’re not able to take proper care of the plants, remove them from the property entirely before the inspection. On the other hand, a row of healthy, beautiful flowers can lend you some extra points.

In summation, home inspections are something you need to take seriously. A negative review by the inspector can force you to lower your asking price or even forfeit the sale entirely. Take the precautions mentioned above to ensure your property gets raving reviews.

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