Home Owners – Common Repairs and Issues



It is the responsibility of the landlord to act or authorize his property manager on any maintenance issue that he is alerted on. Maintenance issues that are not quickly fixed may make the landlord lawfully liable for any damages caused to the tenants. They should also ensure that correct standards are maintained and that maintenances done are completed.

Electrical Wiring and Switches

Landlord and house managers should ensure that the rental house they are managing has proper electrical wiring, lighting, ventilations, and proper housing codes specified by the local housing authority, health, and fire departments.

Landlords under most local and state laws ought to offer and maintain a housing that fulfills basic habitability requirements, like adequate ventilation, water, electricity, proper sanitation, and a premise that is structurally safe. The authorized managing agents should ensure that this is catered for.

Air conditioners

The managing agents should ensure that landlords facilitate for repairing air conditioners and are responsible for any damage caused through attempting repairs of an air conditioner, electrical wiring within the property structures and outer walls.

Clogged Drains

The landlord has a responsibility of repairing sanitary fittings and drainages. Any clogged drainage should be noted to the managing agent’s office or to the landlord and they have a responsibility of ensuring that it is repaired and corrected.


Leakage by water pipes and drainage pipes should be repaired by the landlords to avoid inconveniences to the tenants or any inconvenient habitual condition to the tenants. The tenant has a responsibility of making a complaint about any leakage pipe and ensuring it is repaired.

Pests and Insect

The Landlords should ensure that the residential compound is well maintained and sprayed to avoid or eliminate any instances where pests and insects could infest. Stagnant waters should be drained and all compound kept clean to prevent breeding grounds for pests and insects. However, tenants have a responsibility of keeping their houses clean and free from all pests and insects.


There are furniture provided by the landlord to all tenants and these furniture should be well stated and repaired by the landlord incase of damages. This however is dependent on the damages. There are damages that might be caused by the tenant and may require the tenant to repair them while other damages can be repaired by the landlord or the managing agent. Individual furniture is repaired by the tenants.


All common repair issues should be well stated in the tenancy agreement to avoid putting liability on a party that does not deserve to bear the liability. Penalties for violation of any of these can be obtained from the relevant authorities.

Breaching of any of this responsibility on issues regarding to repair and issues can lead to penalties. Both parties should have a clear outline of the part they are supposed to play when it comes to these issues and if any is not clear, the party should seek clarification.