Importance of Vastu Shastra in Real Estate


Vastu shastra, originated in the Subcontinent of India is considered to be the science in the field of Construction and Architecture. They form the basics for constructing any building that is residential or commercial. Every one wants to live a peaceful life and it is believed that a building that is constructed with Vastu brings prosperity to the whole family. It is considered to be an important aspect not only for the residential building but also for any commercial complexes. Merchants build their shop according to the Vastu rules for making huge profit in their profession or the business they are going to start. This is the first step that every body in India would take when they think about buying/renting a property.

Vastu will guide the builders in designing, measuring the layout, preparing the space constraint of the property and they integrate with the ancient Hindu traditions followed. They often have a bridge between the nature and the modern architecture by making use of the geometric patterns and alignments. Olden Vastu would deal with the discussion of the design of temples which would help in placing the idols of the god in the appropriate place. However, nowadays Vastu has become important for constructing towns, houses, cities, complexes, shops.

Ancient Indian tradition had many scripts based on the Vastu for constructing temples, towns and villages. Constructing a house was also considered authentic since house is called as the temple of living for the humans. This form of Shastra was developed somewhere between 6000 BCE and 3000 BCE. They also had details on how to build a house, planning of a town, planning of villages etc. By using this you would attain nature’s harmony and believed to live a much contended life. There are many main beliefs with respect to Vastu Shastra. They are predominantly mathematical calculation on the proportions of a building with is called a Maana and conditions that specifies the goodness of the people who reside in the building called as Aayaadi.

As indicted earlier, constructing a house is also believed on pr with constructing a temple. Similarly each direction has a certain meaning and depicts something. East is for the Lord Sun, West for the Lord Water, North for the Lord Kubera and South for the Lord Yama. We would have heard our grand parents instructing us not to sleep with our heads on the south direction and to have the kitchen gas in the eastern direction. All of there are considered to be very vital and they are all included in the Vastu Sahstra. The other directions are also considered while planning for Vastu.

Thus it is very important to know what a Vastu Shastra is and what are its advantages. Many might not believe in the astrological aspects of the ancient culture. However, we cannot rule them out completely since they do hold some truths. If one feels that doing small changes might bring wellness and prosperity there is no harm in doing them and believing them. It’s all depending on the state of mind.