Monsoon Is Coming- A guide

guide for monsoon

A guide to monsoon care for your house:

Brace yourself for monsoon!! Monsoon is one of the most awaited season especially in India. Monsoon brings relief from sweltering heat. It’s time of the season when you sip a cup of coffee seeing droplets of rain kissing land. Enjoying the Aroma coming from the land after downpour.

Have you prepared for monsoon by getting ceilings and cracks repaired? If no, then here are then things you should be doing to get ready before your house gets flooded by bustling rains.

1.Do it by yourself:

-Use camphor in cupboards, bed, kitchen drawers and place where wood is used. It is use because it sucks away most of the moisture.

-Use Neem leaves if you face the problem of silver fish.

-Sprinkle cloves over clothes as it reduces odor of the clothes especially during monsoon.



-Destroy the termites nest by using pest control products available in the market.

-If your building is old then take professional’s help in treating termites. If timely treatment of termites is not done then they can potentially damage:

  1. Structure of building
  2. Wooden furniture
  3. Tiles
  4. Clothes, shoes etc.
  5. Carpet infestation
  6. Wall damage


3.Hardwood floor maintenance

-Wax the hardwood floor so that moisture does not seep into it.

-Keep windows close so that heavy downpour doesn’t   harm the flooring of the house.

-Dry mopping is recommended.

4.Cross ventilation

-It is certainly one of the most important thing to be taken care of. In order to reduce the moisture level within house cross ventilation is required.

-Also it reduces the feeling of dampness inside the house.

-Most households dry clothes inside the house. To prevail the odor arising from that cross ventilation is of paramount importance.

5.Ensure proper drainage

- Clean all water outlets present in terrace and balconies. Try uprooting plant weeds, removing debris and removing waste so that there is no problem of water logging.

-Thing to be noted is if there is any water logging on street or a place where draining water is nearly impossible put droplets of kerosene or petrol to kill insects and their eggs.