Real Estate Website Fundamentals #2 – The Power of a Video


Think about the last really, really long article on the internet that impacted your life in a positive way. We’re talking 2000 words or more. If you can’t remember any, it’s because it’s been so long that you’ve forgotten. Let’s face it, very few people really have the time to read super-long articles nowadays. So, what does years of desensitization to long content on the internet mean for your website? Well, you shouldn’t have long content on it, for starters. Unless it’s absolutely necessary. Most people like to skim articles and only read the salient points or the headlines.

There’s one thing that does work though – a video.

Yes, the internet is an extremely visual medium and if you have a real estate website, you have no excuse to not have a video on it. Anybody can put up a page that says “Buy this house from me!” Establishing trust is a key factor in closing a sale. People won’t buy from you if they think you’re a shifty company that’s just trying to make profit.

Your homepage is a great place to establish your brand and your integrity to your buyers. With a simple, professionally created video, you have the opportunity to tell your visitors about what you do and why you do it. Putting a face on your message lends it more credibility. Think of how much more authentic a Skype video chat feels instead of a simple phone call, for example.

So, I just stand in front of a camera and say “Buy this house from me!”?

Err, no. you don’t do that. While putting up a video of yourself on your website is better than not having it, there is a way to present yourself that doesn’t drive away customers.

First and foremost – if you’re not comfortable in front of the camera, get someone else to do it. On the other hand, if you want to be the face of your business and have your clients recognize you when they meet you in real life, you need to get in front of the camera.

On the actual video itself, there are four things you should include.

1. Introduction.

Say hello, flash a smile, and tell your viewers who you are.

2. Establish credibility and state your experience.

Tell your viewers why they should listen to you instead of anyone else. Talk about the burning problems in the real estate market or in your vicinity. Tell your viewers how long you have been working in the industry and what projects you’ve completed.

3. Tell them what your company does.

So, you’ve established a foundation for your company. Now it’s time to tell your viewers what you really do – what services you offer, what features are unique to your company etc.

4. Finish with a call-to-action.

We understand if you feel a little awkward asking for a sale. But you need to muster up the confidence and do it. After viewers have watched your video, you need to tell them clearly what you expect them to do. It might be a request to visit other pages on the website, sign up for a newsletter or even buy one of your properties.

Don’t worry if you are a small player in the real estate market. Everybody who got to the top started from where you are. With the right elements on your website, you can slowly start competing with the big guys. So, stop procrastinating, use the advice above and get to work.

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