Renovating your house through professional or Do it yourself


Here are a few factors to consider


Advantages of renovating a house yourself instead of through a professional include; adding or increasing the resale value of the house. House renovation by a profession has additional costs which include labor and design fee hence when one does it himself, these costs are reduced. When you renovate your house, you do not necessarily need to move out hence additional alternative accommodation costs are eliminated. The disadvantages include; a renovation by a profession can add up to ten percent to the value of your house if you hold on to the property for five years or more hence when you do it yourself this is hardly achieved. A professional will help you co me up with a realistic budget with this in mind, when you renovate a house yourself instead of using a professional, you tend to overspend or overcapitalize.

Utilizing space

Renovating your house through a professional helps one to eliminate inaccurate measurements hence utilizing space. Once the dimensions are off one is destined not to get the complete effect or impacts that he would have wanted to have. Professionals will help in taking the right measurements since they understand the scope of work quite well.


A professionally renovated house is extremely satisfying. Professionals have the right skills and this reduces any chances of wrecking the renovation project. Self renovated house can become a wrecked project if one uses wrong tools, measurements, or material.


Much time is used on self renovated house than in the cases where it is done through a professional. Individuals tend to eliminate the preparation process since it is tedious and repulsive. Professionals always start with this process hence a lot of time and money are saved all through to the completion of the project. Time spent on research and window shopping is saved when renovations are done through professionals since they have the right knowledge on different designs and how to go about the process of renovations.

In order for one to make renovation work easier whether done by oneself or by a professional or by oneself, one should ensure that a proper study about money, time or duration taken, proper material or the experience and skills of the professional are considered. One should ensure he comes up with a proper budget and financial consideration and prepare well for the project before starting it. With these considerations, a smooth consumption of financial resources is ensured, the financial markets are taken deeper, and the degree of market discipline is increased. Secondly, it leads to an improved financial infrastructure that alleviates information asymmetries and, as a result, adverse selection which are a setbacks and an ethical hazard in minimized. One should ensure there are plans developed to reduce the costs of and to increase efficiency of the renovation project I whichever way they choose to go about it. When fully put into practice, this project will enhance transformations in planning and policy making them to be nerve central enterprises.